Pool Leak Detection & Pool Leak Repair

Accurate swimming pool leak detection requires specially trained experts and quality equipment. Escape Pools specializes in finding even the most difficult leaks. In fact, if we can't find your leak, we won't charge you for our visit.

Your Pool may have a leak if:

• You are losing more than 1/4″ of water every 24 hours
• Pool has air in the system
• Equipment loses prime
• You see cracks
• Pool deck is sinking or lifting
• There are soggy spots around the pool
• You have to add water more than once a week

Locating and repairing pool leaks is an important part of maintaining the investment you've made in your swimming pool. Over time, un-repaired leaks can cause damage to the pool itself, the equipment and/or surrounding landscape. They can also increase your maintenance costs due to the extra water and chemicals that have to be added to make up for the water lost.
Pool leak detection and repair

Our leak detection services are very competitively priced.
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